I need a guidance for making a website. I wanted to know how can I make a website like, from the below websites.

  1. http://www.mohi.me/
  2. http://leotartari.com/

I am interested in learning the slider of each section. I know the all basics (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ...). So please just guide me how to learn to design such website like above two websites. Also if you have link or a Video link to learn such coding please forward it.

Looks to me like a parallax effect. Google it.

Why not just copy the site's source, and learn from it?

I've done an effect like this using z-index manipulation with css... it was a couple of months ago... sorry i can't just give you the code...

But pritaeas is right... take site's source...

Is it possible to make sites like that without flash? I hate how flash is proprietary... It would be great to know I could aspire to something like this^ without flash..

yes... its possible.. i think you can just do it with css3 and html5 or html5 and css3

@Phil, definately take a look at HTML5 and CSS3 with jQuery as well. You can come up with many cool effects without having to use Flash.

I tried using site source but I was not able to understand some stuffs. By the way thank you everyone. Also I would love to via flash but I never touchedused it before.

I don't recommend flash, so try learning jQuery...

What part's of the site's source code did you not get?