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Alone with PHP, can we do a "CCTV security and surveillance System" like , Please give me an advice on this if any experts having experienced on this application.



I'm not an expert in this field, but, I'm sure you can stream the security camera to a web-server. I don't really /think/ this can be done in PHP and therefore PHP only handles which camera is shown, for example switch between HOUSE 1 and HOUSE 2 and also who can access this particular camera.

Showing the cameras might have to be done using Flash OR jQuery plug-in.

This is just my suggestion, I am not an expert in this field.

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I'm assuming this is similar to a live streaming video setup, but I've no experience with zoneminder. You probably need a server set up for such functionality and something like FLash/Flex or Silverlight. I don't think an ajax/PHP setup will suffice. Anybody else?


I'm with you, however, I do think PHP does have a function here.. If anything, it could be used for displaying the appropriate cam, for example..{id}.

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@phorce - yes I agree, a server-side technology is required to add certain functionality - however, that may be possible through Flash/Silverlight or even an object/iframe for a ready-made solution. A java applet may even be better. But this is beyond my experience of such things. Hopefully somebody can shine a light on this. Interesting question +1.