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Alone with PHP, can we do a "CCTV security and surveillance System" like zoneminder.com? , Please give me an advice on this if any experts having experienced on this application.


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I'm not an expert in this field, but, I'm sure you can stream the security camera to a web-server. I don't really /think/ this can be done in PHP and therefore PHP only handles which camera is shown, for example switch between HOUSE 1 and HOUSE 2 and also who can access this particular camera.

Showing the cameras might have to be done using Flash OR jQuery plug-in.

This is just my suggestion, I am not an expert in this field.

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I'm assuming this is similar to a live streaming video setup, but I've no experience with zoneminder. You probably need a server set up for such functionality and something like FLash/Flex or Silverlight. I don't think an ajax/PHP setup will suffice. Anybody else?



I'm with you, however, I do think PHP does have a function here.. If anything, it could be used for displaying the appropriate cam, for example.. www.site.com/viewcam.php?id={id}.

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@phorce - yes I agree, a server-side technology is required to add certain functionality - however, that may be possible through Flash/Silverlight or even an object/iframe for a ready-made solution. A java applet may even be better. But this is beyond my experience of such things. Hopefully somebody can shine a light on this. Interesting question +1.

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