I have a question regarding the way my site deals with areas that are generated via Javascript not updating to the latest information when using IE9 but working perfectly on FireFox. I appreciate this may be like looking for a needle in a haystack but I would appreciate some feedback to support my view that there is a problem.

If you go to my home page using IE9 and click on the blue 'All' tab next to "Job Listing" that area of the page will "refresh" but data on the left hand side such as posted, category and skills does not appear until I hover over each project. On Firefox it all appears straight away.

The first question is does anyone else see this effect and the follow up question is how to fix it?

I do have other issues with similar areas of the site not updating in IE9 so they make all be connected so I won't post those here just yet to avoid complicating matters.

Many thanks

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Have you tried with another computer? It might be your IE9 setting that does not reset the display?

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