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It's still wrong as an user could change their email and then you'd need to change the videos table too.

Well, since I have such a small site I think I will be okay lol, but I want my users to have their own profile, only so they can see what videos they have uploaded, I have been looking into URL rewriting, do you know anyhting about this?

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WHat do you want?

I want when my users login to be able to click profile or account and be able to see all the videos which they uploaded.

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You can do this via session user_id. Or if you want it to be accessible to bots for SEO / indexing, you can use a rewrite, something like:

Rewritten from something like:


A mixture of both approaches will allow anybody to view anybody else's profile. But a matching session user_id will allow that user to edit his own page (e.g. show edit form).

Crap I posted that onto the wrong forum, lol. Let me fix it