I will give an example of what I have so far but, most parts will be left out for simplicity sake:

    echo "<img src='$path' width='400' height='400' alt=";
    echo "'$name'"; 
    echo "/>";

pt2) A couple of lines down from this is (where i want to display the output of "$name" to be echoed):

                    include "include.php";
                        echo "<li>$content</li>";

pt3) Then in the seperate file (include.php) I have:

$content = ob_get_contents();

Of cource theere is a lot more but I don't want to make this post a huge project and I'm just hoping you'll get the idea of my problem.

Ah my bad I missed out a big bit of information thats probably needed:
In fact I can barely explain it in this format Click Here is the site and i want the text below the player (that currently says test) to be the same as the red text that corresponds to the album picture on the scroll playlist. as you can see the red text changes as the user scrolls through the playlist so, I would like to know how the text below the player to change accordingly. If I'm unclear in my explanation please say and I'm not expecting someone to do it all for me but at least put me in the right direction.

I'm sorry if this is a bad post in any way but, I have looked around for a while trying to solve this with little success and bear in mind I am relatively new to php. Of cource if there is any other method of accomplishing this function it would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to seeing the replies and thanks in advance.

Am not sure what you are asking here, but in the first case, calling ob_end_clean will discard your buffer, so $name will not be in the output.

Ye, sorry for being really vague I should probably think about what to post more beforehand also I couldn't find a way of deleting this post. But, anyway thanks for the help.