I want to upload only two word documents for all no. of records available in the table.
So is it possible to make a query for uploading to run in mysql for all records at only one time? OR
is it possible to make a script in php?

I want to upload two word documents for all names.

table name:records

** **Name Active Last Name ****

Kayla   6       Anthony     
andrew  5       thomas  
kk      8       peter   
jk      8       Lee     
Mark    4       Waugh   
pk      12      mathew  
Emily   1       lee 

** Table name:Upload**

** Id name filename**

1) you must have one primary key in records table
2) that primary key must be referred in upload table
3) on upload page you can check (count) number of files uploaded for id , it its 2, then do not allow more uploads, if its less then 2 than allow to upload