I have some basic php knowledge. I want to know about ' -> ' sign. What does this arrow means? I know it is very sipmle question but don't know. I am learning php from my own effort.


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An example is an array, where you define keys:

$myArray = array("name" => "John", "street" => "long street");

Just saw that you asked about -> and not => :-)

-> is used when you are dealing with classes and objects:

class foo
    function do_foo()
        echo "Doing foo."; 

$bar = new foo;

Take a look at this side, and use the code in your own script, as a practise, and see what is being output to the screen, would be the best practice, to just jump into it :-)

Reference: http://php.net/manual/en/language.types.object.php


commented: Thank you so much much klemme. You really understand me. Really thanks +0

what i understand by the ' -> ' symbol you are trying to figure out, must be how you call a method of a function using its object.

$ob=new common_function();

Thanks Klemme. You give me a detailed concept.Also thanks for the referrence link.

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