I have a Flight Log for a small company. I have been able to figure out most of the needs but 2, using Adobe Acrobat 9 and Javascript.

  1. I have a passenger manifest that needs a count...I am having a problem with figuring out the code for the counter itself but...bigger PROBLEM: The plane may have up to 7 flights in a 24 hour period picking up and dropping off a different number of passengers each time. There can only be 9 passengers at any one time. I was thinking using a field that has to be filled by the pilots as a "trigger" (not sure of the term) to populate the counter field. But problem was that the # of passengers would change as they add and take off names. This would populate the previous fields at the same time as the present one with the changes. So I am feeling like I am being drowned by code.

  2. Security level on certain fields. There is one line of 6 fields that the administrative dept of the company need to fill out themselves. The pilots have been accidently filling them out and they have to go back and correct them. If there is a way to secure those fields to prevent anyone but the admin dept filling it out this would be great! They say they could work with a password if there is a code to set that up.

Any help with these 2 issues would be highly appreciated. I am pretty savvy on Acrobat...but with javascript, I have found a fun challenge I am starting to get a little stressed with. And this form has had a lot of challenges I never have had to work with before...calculating times, calculating multiple fields, Adding electronic signatures...etc...all outside of the Acrobat enabled field settings.


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How does that related to java programming? You might try a javascript forum.

Sorry. I thought javascript was part of a java program and also that acrobat used the same script. Sorry I wasted your time.

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