Hi Guys,

I'm currently embarking on a project relating to inventory management within my business, and have done a concept in Visual Basic. I'm now going through the motions of deciding which angle to take in regards to mobile access of the application.

I have thought about whether to write the application as a native mobile APP, or to make the whole cross-platform problem easier by writing as a web-app. To my knowledge, having different style sheets for each platform will make it easy to layout for each device.

My problem is, I have read a bit on HTML5, PHP, AJAX and JavaScript and don't know which way to head. I understand that PHP is server-side, and JavaScript can be a bit of everything, but as I'm needing to interface with a MySQL database on the server which holds the information, I figured PHP was the way to go. Forgive me if I have mis-understood either of these, that's why I'm here :)

I'm wanting to display data recalled from the database into the equivalent of text boxes and list boxes on each page, edit these items, and re-insert to the database.

Is HTML & PHP my best bet? And would I need anything else like JS to go along with it?

Any help is appreciated!

  • Michael
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