So I've got another php interview lined up... Somehow I don't know, but I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time here.

Again, I was shortlisted and the interview is in a couple of days. From a tech POV I'm wondering if my knowledge is a little too shallow to get me the role.

So, my questions what exactly do pro PHP developers expect from a candidate applying for a job role. What can I learn in a couple of Days, should I stop wasting my time applying for these types roles if I don't have specialist knowledge?

Are you tring to find any job ? One thing i wana share, what you are saying is same what my brother has said me 6 years ago. my father said him "hey! why are you so dependent on any hell company ? If you have passion, then go! wake up and srat your own business." And will you believe ? today, He owns a company in banglore worth 30 crores rupees.(50 rupees= 1 $ ). So don't mess up or under estimate yourself. Don't waste your time and wake up! (I will askk you here on this thread after 6 years ;) ) take care