Hi ,
I am not able to start "apache tomcat 7.0.22"

I have double clicked on "startup.bat" file in the bin folder of the apache tomcat folder
after that i typed http://localhost:8080/ in my web broswer but i get the following error

" Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): The server refused the connection "

I dont know whats wrong.
I think i should get the default page set by tomcat by visiting http://localhost:8080 ,

Another problem i have is i dont know how to run my web application (.war file ) on apache tomcat .
So far i know that i have to copy my .war file and paste it in the webapps>root folder and then i can visit my web application by visiting http://localhost:8080

and yes the proxy server in LAN in my webrowser proxy setting is "NOT checked"
i am not using a proxy server.

Please help as soon as possible .
Thank you in advance.

please help

So sad to see that there is no reply yet..
Well the problem is solved ,
The problem was that I just forgot to make an enviromemt variable (under advance option of computer properties) i.e JAVA_HOME and set the value of the path


Anyway , problem is solved.

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