Hi Team,

This is my first thread from Daniweb.. I observed Daniweb is great support for PHP Developers...

I am planning to integrate this Tiny Editor in my website for mathematical calculations. As per my observation Our math expression images saved in Codecogs server. In future is there any trail period or any restrictions regarding integration.

This is the website related to that


Please tell me about this...Experience guys.... it ll be very helpful to me....

Thanks in advance...

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What kind of restrictions do you mean?


Thanks for your response.

Need to confirm Restrictions like

1) After some days, Payment for Continuation of using this tool

2) Deactivation like after trail period of using this tool. I am not sure about this tool having Trail version....

Thats y i need to cofirm.....

For TinyMce, it uses the LGPL license (so free). If you do not want to agree to that, they also have a paid version.

thanks for quick response again....

So, based on ur response, i can use this on free of cost ....am i correct?

It is working fine till now...

Thank You..

Correct, although I don't know about the plugin, although it looks free.

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