1. Develop a small site.
2. Start adding functionality.

You can take any existing site to redevelop. May be you can develop this one :).
hay not kidding, just start at smaller scale and grow big.

I've found that learning about Javascript is best done by task.

For instance, make a "Contact" form, and add Javascript to verify that fields are filled out, email and phone numbers are valid. This will be re-inventing the wheel, but there are many online resources to "check your answer", so to speak.

Others exercises you might try are showing/hiding elements on the page, like making an FAQ where only the questions are visible and then when a question is clicked, the answer appears below it. Again, you can find many functions to do this online, but the act of doing it yourself will teach you a lot.

Good luck.


and also using native alert would be a good start for you, it may look a simple function, but it will help you track things that is happening inside your script or when you are implementing new lines' in your code.

Here's a simple and not so powerful demo:

<title>Web Development Workshop</title>
<script type="text/javascript">

function myFirstFunction() {

var myString = "Hello World!";
alert( myString );

var myNumber = 1;
alert( myNumber );

var myElement = document.getElement("div1");

alert( "My element is a &lt;" + myElement.tagName + "&gt; tag" );

} // Exit myFirstFunction.

window.onload = myFirstFunction; // Calling out your function with an onload event.
<div id="div1"></div>


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