I have a url that includes %25 (/CHIPDRIVE%25AE-micro-pro-SCR335_detail_8_196.html) and I am trying to use a Redirect to redirect it to the new URL. Currently using a Redirect 301 and it is currently not working.

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Wrap the URL in urlencode().

No, you posted your question in the PHP forum so I assumed you were talking about being inside a PHP script. You cannot use PHP code in your .htaccess file.

I'm assuming that you have some regex going on? Please post a copy of your .htaccess file.

So there was no real question …. Or was a question out there that I too stupid to understand?

What I have doesn't work. The htaccess file doesn't like the % sign but that is part of the old URL. Not sure the correct way to make this redirect work.

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