Hi everybody,

I have a container (DIV) which would be resized using the correct aspect ratio.
Now I would like to dynamically resize all the elements inside that container using jQuery,

anybody plz help me.


         start: function(e, ui) {
          alert('resizing start')  

        resize: function(e, ui) {

        stop: function(e, ui) {
            //alert('resizing stopped');

    this is my viewpage

    <div id="plantitle" class="movable"  >           
         <?php echo $form['plantitle']->renderLabel().":"; ?>
        <?php echo $form['plantitle']->render() ;?></div>
        <div id="plantype" class="movable">
        <span class="moveable">Plan Type: </span><br>
        <?php echo $form['plantype']->render(array('selected' => $planCopy['plantype'])) ?><br>

the above example resize only div tag.i need resize inside the values also.

plz help me.

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You can't resized the content inside the <div> tags using JQuery. You have to used CSS to do that!