Hai everybody.

if rotate =true
how to disbale draggable function

this is my code

but rotate working fine.

draggable function not disable and enable
anybody plz help me.




        start: function(e, ui) {

        resize: function(e, ui) {

        stop: function(e, ui) {
            //alert('resizing stopped');

    var rotate = false;
    var drag = true;

    //   start:$('.upload_pic').mousedown(function(e) {
       //$(document).mousedown(function(e) {

            $(document).mousemove(function(e2) {
                $('.planspace-image').draggable({disable: true});

                if(rotate == true )


         $(document).mouseup( function() {

        rotate = false;
             $('.planspace-image').draggable({disable: false});


The option is called disabled not disable.

$('.planspace-image').draggable({ disabled: true });

hai ,

Thanks ,but still,i have same problem.
image not dragging after rotation false

what is the problem plz help me.