Can anybody tell me another good file uploader than blueimp and plupload?

You mean upload files to your hosting server like a FTP manager or just upload files from your website? So users or visitors can upload files?

but uploadify is not freely available.

You did not say it had to be free. But there is an MIT licensed version for download available.

yes,i got it.i imlemented it as they told on their tutorial .but the select files flash button is not working on my local server.

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I had issues with the flash button when I used it too (about 2 years ago) - stick with it - I managed to get it to work in the end - can't remember what I did though :(

I thought the blueimp solution was absolutely beautiful. plUpload seems to be showing its age though / bit ugly. Each to their own I suppose...
What I like about the blueimp is that it blends beautifully with Twitter Bootstrap.