hi! I'm pretty new to php and i just want to ask how to update tables in mysql using php?

here's my code snippet

            $product_code = $_POST['pCode'];
            $submit = $_POST['submit'];
            $user = $_SESSION['username'];
            $quantity = $_POST['quantity'];
            $price = 300.00;
            $date = date("Y-m-d",mktime()); 


        mysql_query("INSERT INTO `order` VALUES ('','$user','$product_code',

                $query1 = mysql_query("UPDATE ed SET stock = stock - $quantity 
                where product_code = $product_code");

        die ("<center><font size = 5><br>Item added to Cart. <br>Continue shopping?
        <a href = ED.php>Y</a>
        |<a href = homepage.html>N</a>

else echo "</ br>Select Product Code";

it inserts the values into order but did not update or subtract the $quantity value from the stock in the 'ed' table. can anyone help?

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If product code is a string, you may need single quotes around your variable, just like you did in the insert query.

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