Hi hope someone can help

I have an array with daynames in dutch

but when i use the day zondag it is not workin and i don't know why

Can someone help me to make it work

here is the code

    if($row3['geboortedatum']!= "0000-00-00")
                        $rss = $row3['geboortedatum'];                      
                    $dayNames   = array( "zondag", "maandag", "dinsdag", "woensdag",  
                    "donderdag", "vrijdag", "zaterdag");  
                    $monthNames = array("Januari", "Februari", "Maart", "April", "Mei", "Juni",  
                    "Juli", "Agustus", "September", "Oktober", "November",

                    $geboorte_dat = $dayNames[date('N', strtotime($rss))] . ", " . date('d', strtotime($rss)) . " " .  
                    $monthNames[(date('m', strtotime($rss))-1)] . " " . date('Y', strtotime($rss));

as i told it's not working when the date is on sunday.

date('N') returns 1..7. Your array defines 0..6. You can use date('w') to match that. Read about it in the manual.

thanks for your help pritaeas
Got it work now