Has any one used indeed publisher api.

Why don't you just post your issue instead?

the issue is that I need to get jobs from indeed based on IP location and publish them on my web page.The user does not need to search or give any query. All the jobs should be published just on the basis of IP address.

What does the documentation say?

the documentation is strictly based upon query string. You have to give the job title being searched and the place of job being searched but I need to get jobs based on users IP location and the user does not need to give any parameter.

If you can only search on a place, use a geolocation API to convert the user's IP into his hometown. Use that to pass on to the Indeed API. If it is not supported, there aren't many other options.

the documentation is based on xml how can I use it to pass query?

Depends, I don't have the docs so not sure. If it is a rest service, use http gets/posts. If it is soap, perhaps better use nusoap.