I'm hoping not to post much code (to do this myself) but I'm having issues in figuring out why a mysql_query isn't be executed.

This is the mysql_query:

mysql_query("UPDATE `servers` SET 
`status` = 'online.png', 
`cur_players` = '".$online_count."',
`max_players` = '".$max_slots."',
`software` = '".$software."',
`plugins` = '".$plugins2."',
`players` = '".$players2."',
`version` = '".$version."',
`query_enabled` = '0',
`last_check` = '".$time_now."',
`uptime` ='".$add_up."',
`gametype` = '".$gametype."',
`map` = '".$map."'
WHERE `id` = '".$serv['id']."'");

Now before the query I have set '$i = '0';. This query is in a block, so in the same block after the query I have set $i = '1';. Then I echo $i outside of the block at the end of the script and it hs the value of '1'. So I know the block is being executed right?

All errors are on, no where have I turned off error reporting. Yet no errors are reported at all?

Any other valuable methods of troubleshooting I could learn / use?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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I've actually solved my issue, but if anyone has any additional advice I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

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