i have a database with several paths looking like the one below

C:\S&M Site Project\NEWSMAA\SitePhotos\2\GUY093\GUY093-Tulips.jpg

what i aim to do is load the images into a gallery control (if one exist)

the users viewing the images should be able to do either of the following:

1.Double click on an image to see it bigger or some large predefined size.(thats the viewing part of it)
2.Select those images the want and then extract it as a single PDF file to any location on the user machine.
3.print all selected images.
4.Remove all selected images from the gallery as well as the image path from the database.

if anyone has an idea on how i can go about doing this task i would be very grateful for a tutorial video or link .

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Well Well Its like a complete package.. You have to move in a planned way.. Look you have multiple requirements..

1>Start from creating a gallery for showing images.. Use Gridview It will be most appropriate for your requirement..

2>For Enlarging the image use lightbox or Jqueryzoom or AJAX Seadragon..

3>For MUltiple Select functionality Use checkboxes for each row.. For PDF thing use itextsharp .. There is a nice article on this by mikesdotnetting..

4> Print the Images from the selected row ..

5> Delete Image from the gridview..

Be Happy...