I have a problem on how to be able to tick the checkboxes chosen during registration.

If i will update 1 record for example a student, his/her chosen, example his/her interests will be ticked during update.

you can get the value ticket by $_POST['checkbox'] value..

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What are you talking about when you say "tick the checkboxes during registration".

Nothing is ticked during an update. You tick the checkboxes - THEN you update, e.g. form submission or an ajax event.

Get the status of that check box from your DB table.You may be saved that in 0(not checked) or 1 (checked).Check this status when you update the profile. Exg:

<input type="checkbox" name="chkBx"  <?php  echo ($yourCheckBoxStatus== "0") ?  'checked="checked"'  : '' ; ?> value="0" />