I am trying to alter some SQL to use parameters. I bypassed this earlier as it was just not working but am now heading back to tidy up. For some reason I cannot get this to work, keep in mind I am using Odbc:

SQLString = "SELECT * FROM Stories WHERE StoryID=?"
  'cmdSelectStory.Parameters.Add( "?StoryID", OdbcType.BigInt )
  'cmdSelectStory.Parameters.Add( "?StoryID" ).Value = strStoryID

Anyway I try, I cannot get the parameters to add to the SQL string. In the Odbc database, this column is BigInt(20). I have just been adding it directly into the SQL string, but am now converting that to parameters but cannot figure how. Any help would be appreciated!

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Sorry, after looking at it I realized that I added the parameters before calling it from the command. Therefore, an error arised. fixed.

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