Hello Everyone,
I have problem in retrieving the images from Table created in SQL Server Management Studio. Actually I had uploaded the images into folder in the Application Server on Visual Studio and the path of the images is given in the Table Attribute. Thus I have table with the id, ImageName, ImagePath and the images corresponding to the paths are stored in the folder. Please help and tell me how to retrieve the images from that folder by using the path given in the attribute of the Table.
Note: Table does not have the attribute of image datatype. I mean the image is not stored in the database in binarydata form only path (string) is there.

So, if you have the path of the image stored in the database table, all you need to do add an image control to your page, and assign the path to the source attribute of that control. If you have mutliple images you want to display, you can use a gridview, datarepeater, etc..