We want to develop a website similar to http://shoesofprey.com/ functionalities for Interior Decor Objects using PHP Language. We want to use a custom script (without any flash functionality) for this purpose so that user can customize the product by changing the color, type and attribute and can also see 360 view of the customized product before purchasing. But we are facing problems in the creating design images for different color/texture/ types etc. The reason is that if we go with 2D images then the image numbers go In lacs due to large no. of color options that is around 160 and around 30-40 types and attributes. We also tried the 3D modeling for the images but not able to get the desired results.

It will be great if anyone can help us to get the desired results and can provide us answers on following issues:

• Any third party Library that can be used to develop above mentioned similar functionalities website. And the library should be easy to use and should be compatible to PHP frameworks.
• Any library for 3D modeling which is compatible with PHP or ASP programming
• How we can create and use product images for 360 view using 2D modeling or 3D modeling

Please give your suggestions. Your help will be appreciated if you can suggest any better way to deal with this situation and to get the desired output.

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