I have scoured the google searches and haven't run across an answer to this question.

I have a Select field that gets values from a database. That part works fine.
The database contains four fields: specialistid, name, cell, email

I would like for the user to select from a dropdown select and then have the phone and email appear in text boxes below. (I used input text boxes hoping that would make it easier on JS.)

Here is the JS:

    function DeliveryFormSpecialistInfo() {
        var mspecialist = document.getElementsByName("mspecialist").item(0);
        var mengphone   = document.getElementsByName("mengphone").item(0);
        var mengemail   = document.getElementsByName("mengemail").item(0);

        mengphone.value = mengphone;
        mengemail.value = mengphone;

Here is the PHP code to set it all up:

    <fieldset><legend> Specialist Information </legend>

                    $query = "select * from specialist order by name";
                    $result = $pdo->query($query);

                    $TBlock .= "
                        <select name='mspecialist' required>";
                    // If no specialist selected, prompt for one
                    if (empty($mspecialist)) $TBlock .= "<option value = '0'>Select a Specilist</option>";
                    while ($row = $result->fetch()) {
                        $mspecialistid = $row['specialistid'];
                        $mengineer = $row['name'];
                        $mengphone = $row['cell'];
                        $mengemail = $row['email'];

                        if ((!empty($mspecialist)) && ($mspecialist == $row['specialistid'])) {
                            $TBlock .= "<option selected = 'selected'>".$mengineer;
                            $TBlock .= "<option>".$mengineer;
                        $TBlock .= "</option>";
                    $TBlock .= "

                <td><label>Cell Phone #:</label></td>
                <td><input type='text' name='mengphone' id='mengphone' value='$mengphone' readonly</td>

                <td><input type='text' name='mengemail' id='mengemail' value = '$mengemail' readonly></td>

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What is line 28??? If you want to use the onchange event, you need to put/attach the event to the select tag. To me, it looks like the code line is hanging inside, not one of the property of the select tag...

<select id="blah" name="dbl_blah" onchange="ChangIt('arg1')">

This is all part of a PHP code set, where $Tblock is used as the var to setup the page. Line 28 is part of $TBlock .= "onChange='DeliveryFormSpecialistInfo()'</select> All the code above it is the while loop to setup the choices.

Ah ok. Line 34, missing the close > for input.

Then your question is how to pass variable to JavaScript function via PHP? If so this thread already discussed about it.

OK, closed that input line .. I HATE it when I miss those .. but still not working.

No, my question was NOT how to pass arguments in php. My question was, and still is, how to get JS to change the value of those two input statements with the information gathered from the document.getElementsByName lines. It worked with a math problem I found online, and I tried that technique here to get the input lines to change. But not having any luck.

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