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aha not like this. i mean while positing status in fb, we see some popup notifications bottom of the page for few seconds. like that i want when row inserted into mysql without refreshing...


So the new row is inserted before the page is built, and PHP writes the result (success/failure) to a hidden form element. Use <body onload=""> to activate a javascript fucntion that shows the image for desired amount of time.
Or use ajax to insert data via a separate php file and show the message on return of the ajax response.


Dear ratanji,

You can take the advantage of jQuery. Ofcourse it might possible with only with jQuery or ajax.

So follow the steps.

Step 1:-

Create a PHP page that can able to search the database for the new post.

Step 2:-

Use some interval to call a function the function contains $('#result').load('ajax/updates.php'); WHere #result will be the popup div or something and updates.php is a php page which you created in the step 1.

Simple that will display the results how u want. Comments are weclome for this idea.

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thaks alot krishhhhhhhh :))
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