I can't seems to open/run my jquery file for 3 days now and keeps me wondering what sort of my problem is. Just last week i can hover, slidetoggle, and other effects with the page i created. I presumed i'm correct with the code that i had:

  <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery/jquery.js"></script>
  <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery/menu.js"></script>

  and my code for the menu.js....



  Are the problems with this?

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Your probably overwriting the code with something else, so go over it again.

Dude, i love you! You're right, i had overwrite a code. Thank you so much.

Your welcome :)
And for a further and future notice, keep your files and code neat and organized... it'll be a major pain for you to make changes if you don't recall what's going on... so organize as you go and make many comments in your code so you don't forget :)

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Yes, i will. I'm just practicing jquery and having a tutorial first. Thanks again :)

jQuery is a very fun and interesting language, it can be extremely extroadinary or a complete pain if you make mistakes (I learned that if your organized and make comments, you'd never mess up as much)...

There are many online sources for learning jQuery, but honestly, my preference is books.

Also, to always remember everything, make example files and review them yet use them. If your confident that they are great, you should post them on an example sight, so other new jquery learners can learn from your works.

regards to my last comment,

(You may mark this question solved if it satisfies your needs)

I thought you were Eggstraordinary...

But then again, always ask questions and sources like <DANIWEB> will always help you solve your issues!

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