I have a form with two fields as Subject(textbox) & Message(textarea),

& using tinyMCE editor for Message field (textarea).

On clickof Submit mail is sent to some users with the entered subject & message in the form fields.

It is working well if I use to send a link in the message from Message-tinyMCE editor(textarea) field.

But i want to pass (php) parameters like some id with in the link.

Please guide me regarding these.

Any suggestion will be helpful.

Thanks & regards.

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Sounds like you'll need to replace the link from the message. Can you give an example of what you actually want?


on submit of form i am sending a url link in the mail message to the users for importing there email contacts & it is sending well.

but now i also want to pass some id along with this url link so that there email contacts will be imported in the db table in a column 'imported_email' and this passed id in another column 'promo_id'.


In your link in the textarea put a marker where you need it, something like ?id=#MYIDHERE# and then in the PHP script replace #MYIDHERE# with the actual id.

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