Hi All!

I came here looking for some good direction and advice. I am a Corporate Trainer/ Systems Engineer who has now been put into the role of webmaster. I really don't care for HTML and some of it's drawbacks, hence my interest in PHP. I don't know squat about php (Yes, a Total Newbie :rolleyes: ), but would like to learn and implement it on my site. Can you recommend the best way to learn with the fastest learning curve? The last thing I want is wasting time/ money on 'how to..' books that provide little information. :(

I want to learn, but don't know where to go. Help! :confused:

Well as a webmaster you will still be writing HTML even with PHP :) PHP will allow you to manage your websites way easier as you can write pieces of HTML and then "include" them into your html for instance.

the php.net website is a great resource once you get started, especially the contributions in the docs. Before you get started you might look at:
They have a few tutorials with a range of complexity.

Many use php as the way to talk to a database, thats where the fun starts! The LAMP -> Linux Apache MySQL PHP is the foundation of many a killer web site and web application.

Good luck!

Don't forget to stick around and ask for questions as you go :)

PHP is a blast, you can take it as far, or not, as you want.