well I've been searching for this from hours now, and also tried to look in this forum.

or maybe I dont know what is it called.

I'm searching for a script to display featured products on my website, in a sqaure box on right side.
but it shouldn't be so simple like fade-in fade-out, it should display one image at front & two others on its right/left side. Just like a queue of images/products, like they're circling around one by one.

I saw it somewhere but can't find any clue now.

Can someone please help me ?
its really very urgent !

Thanks in advance
Raza Khan

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if you know what is it then please help me to find any script or joomla module to fulfill these requirements.


yes I did it...Man ! just one single word of yours solved my problem.

I guess there's no keyword for this kind of slider.

Thanks a billion mate, God bless you ;)

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