I have 3 select boxes, each one returns a different field from database i.e., in database - 2010 BMW 320i, record 2 2008 Aston Martin DB9 and so on.

What I do is to first get user to select a year, then submit form so I can return all vehicles with that year tied to them, then manufacturer (BMW, Aston Martin etc), then the type vehicle (320i, DB9 etc).

Problem is that the select goes back to default values once submitted/posted. How can I show the return values again. I still have the values available in php, i.e -

I'm just not sure how to "re-show" them in the select options?

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I answered this question for you in you're other topic should do what you're looking for

Oops moment. :)


:) Thank you Glider. I thought that it might have been off topic in the other thread, hence my new thread.

I find it quite annoying when giving help in my favourite forum (vb4/5/6), answering a question and the poster ends up with 5 questions after the original... :)

@diafol, that it is... lol.


Only realised that this thread is still open, sorry all. Marked as solved..

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