how do i make the first form entry that gets sent to the csv go under column heading...?

I have headers that say Name, Age, weight... and the user submits a form with the following saying Bob, 72, 291... then the data gets sent to the csv... I want all of the data to go under those headers but unfortunately it goes on the same line....

How do i fix that so that it'll display its results under the headers!


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so by using this?:

def csv(file)
  File.open(file) do|f|
    columns = f.readline.chomp.split(',')

    table = []
    until f.eof?
      row = f.readline.chomp.split(',')
      row = columns.zip(row).flatten
      table << Hash[*row]

    return columns, table

but how would i do this with php because I want the header to display on top with all entries display right under it?



but how would i do this with php because I want the header to display on top with all entries display right under it?

Post whole code. So we can see what is going on.

It was my error. I think I gave you the wrong link because you are using csv files.

Read this so you can see how it works:


If you want something more php and mysql and csv then read this:


I might need to look that at Crystal ball every now and then.

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Here is the snippet that is responsible:

$csvData = $today . "," . $first_name . "," . $email . "," . $comment . "\n";
$fp = fopen("results.csv", "a" );
    fwrite($fp, $csvData);

$count= count(file("results.csv"));                     


Here is the snippet that is responsible:

That snippet wasn't very helpful. The snippet is only reading and opening the file. It has nothing to do with echoing out the second row.

This is the first file:


  $csv = new File_CSV_DataSource;

  $csv->load('results.csv'); // boolean

  $csv->getHeaders(); // array('today', 'first_name', 'email', 'comment');

  $csv->getColumn('today'); // array('Mon', 'Tues', 'Wed', 'Thurs');

  $csv->row(1); // array('Mon', 'Micheal', 'donot@do.com', 'Pay Attention');

  $csv->connect(); // array( array('today' => Mon, 'first_name' => Micheal, 'email' => donot@do.com, 'comment' => Pay Attention));


This is the second file:

 // usage sample
 $csv = new File_CSV_DataSource;

 // tell the object to parse a specific file
 if ($csv->load('results.csv')) {

 // execute the following if given file is usable
 // get the headers found in file
   $array = $csv->getHeaders();

   // get a specific column from csv file

   // get each record with its related header
   // ONLY if all records length match the number
   // of headers
    if ($csv->isSymmetric()) {
        $array = $csv->connect();
    } else {
        // fetch records that dont match headers length
        $array = $csv->getAsymmetricRows();

    // ignore everything and simply get the data as an array
    $array = $csv->getrawArray();

The code I provided above gives you the freedom to put any row you want.

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I am sorry if it wasn't useful, but that's all i had at the moment... I didn't know what was next but my goal is clear though... I am going to examine the snippets you sent me, and i am going to get back to you as soon as possible...

(sorry if i respond too slow... i have school work, and other extra curricular activities to work on at the same time)


quick question... how is the second file being called...?
is it because of this?:

 $csv = new File_CSV_DataSource;


how is the second file being called...?

 //any name you want
 $csv = new file; 

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