Hi all,

I have a very nasty issue here where SQL values are changing but I haven't been hacked because the changes are just too abnormal.

People vote for their servers and every so often the top few servers values roll back.

For example at 03:00 a server has 66 votes. Then at 04:00 it has 120, then at 05:00 i check and it has 88!

This randomly started occuring last night and no code was changed. I thought just to be same I'll overwrite my sites code with a previous backup from a week back. That hasn't helped!

I've turned on SQL logging but theres nothing logged.

What could this be!?

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Hi. Give me a link in your ite.

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Show your SQL. WHat is the datatype for the field? For example "tinyint" will max out and resolve to 127 (I think). However, that wouldn't see a decrement. Do you have a cron job running? Are numbers reset to zero at a particular time? If based on server time, has the server time changed (e.g. maybe timezone changed).

In your log, I assume you see votes as they came in. Are any of them negative? If you're running a form, then it could be spoofed? THis is unlikely, but without further info, it's difficult to know how the table is being changed/decremented.

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