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Like for example
I right clicked and clicked on save as.

It saved two Items one a website shortcut and the other a folder filled with.

Jpegs Images
PNG Images
Gif Images
JScript Script File
Cascading Style Sheet Document
PLI File
Some Internet Shortcuts - HTML Documents

Link to snapshot

So Is there a way to find out how the website was design

If It was designed with programming language?

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When a person saves a website, does it show what language it was built in?

Not really. There's more than a file for the website to work.

If It was designed with programming language?

So far I see only Javascript.

Other than and that I don't know

When you access a website, what you are seeing is the HTML and client side components such as CSS and JavaScript. This is because web browsers support HTML, not PHP, ASP.NET, Java, etc...

When a web developer wants to use server side scripting, he/she must have the scripting engine installaed on the server. This engine's purpose is to transform the server-side script into pure HTML, which is what is sent back to the browser.

Sometimes you can tell because URI extension is something like .php but other times (i.e. in the case of DaniWeb) you can't tell that we're PHP based. As Jorge says, the web servers translate the PHP into HTML files which is what gets sent to your web browser.