Hi all,

Im almost there, just need to get the videojs to work in IE9.

I can see the player, but the video is not being played, like nothing happens when I press the play btn..

It works just fine in all other browsers, FF, Opera, Chrome, Safari.

This is the video tag I have:

<video width="370" height="290" controls="controls" class="video-js vjs-default-skin" data-setup="{}">
            <source type="video/mp4" src="moduler/video_galleri/vid_1.mp4">
            <source type="video/ogg" src="moduler/video_galleri/vid_1.ogv">
            Din browser kan ikke aspille HTML5 video.

Any idea why?

I havent inserted any HTML5 trunk, isnt that what its called? Can that be why its not playing

Also I thought that videojs would automatically okay a flash fallback..How do I make it do that, di i need to insert extra code for that?


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IE is very particular about declaring the DOCTYPE. If you do not include a DOCTYPE, IE will not switch to "standards mode"

Your HTML page should have the following code at the top of the document.

<!DOCTYPE html>


HI guys,

Yes I have the html5 doctype, so I guess something else must be the issue..

Any thoughts?

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