I created an application locally on my pc using xampp and phpmyadmin, now i want to put the application on my website, but i dont know how to move it from my pc to the web, especially the database and the tables...help urgently needed.

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What you can do is go to 'Export' on your PHPMyAdmin (local version) and save the SQL file.

When you go to your remote version of PHPMyAdmin you need to go to 'Import' and it shall bring in all the databases, tables and data included.

Good luck!

That will only work with relatively small databases (phpMyAdmin is a PHP-based app, and limited by PHP memory limits before it will simply timeout). You might need to use a terminal-based command such as mysqldump.

Thanks for your responses, really appreciate it, d database is relatively small, and i've exported the database as a sql file, but i dont know how to integrate it in my website using filezilla, any idea?

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You don't need filezilla to import the DB. Just open phpmyadmin on your site and import the file.


Filezilla will upload your site files though.

Remember to change your DB connection details in your php file(s) if they're different

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