i saved my php webpages in htdocs folder,however if i'm doing some changes in files related to the script,or even in the script,its not getting reflected on webpages when i open them on browser.

changes can only be seen when i rename the folder in htdocs to something else.

like if initially it was project/site/index.html , relative address on browser will be localhost/project/site/index.html

when i make changes, reloading doesn't help. webpage remains the same.(even if i delete an image from the folder,it is still being displayed)

however if i change the folder name say, project changes to pro,then changes will be reflected.

so the path will be pro/site/index.html

don't know why this is happening.

also if i change the name of folder pro back to project after making several changes,the webpage displayed is the one that was displayed initially(its like it was stored or something)

please help somebody. i hope you people got my query.