Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me on the following:

I would like to have a textarea type control on a webpage that would permit a user to highlight some text in the 'textarea', open a file dialog box, and insert a link behind the scenes so that the highlighted text becomes a hyperlink to a file on the network.

It is for a helpdesk type application, whereby users can report problems or issues, and include links to supporting files such as .doc, .txt, .jpg, etc. that are saved on the network. Once the form including the textarea-like control is submitted, the data that was in the text area can be retrieved by other users, displayed, and will have functioning links pointing to the supporting files

The ideal situation would be functionality similar to that which is found in MS Word whereby a link to a local, network, or web resource can be included in a document.

Does anyone know of a free library that includes a control of this type that can do all the above? I've found, for example, TinyMCE (a WYSISYG editor), which seems to be able to do it, but the version that includes the above functionality is only available commercially. Other such (free) editors I've found allow the insertion of hyperlinks to web pages, but not to network resources.

Alternatively, how difficult would it be to write such a control?

Any help or advice would be gratefully received!



P.S. I know that in the page above I've created a similar link, but its really creating a link to a network resource that I'm after.

I understand your requirement is --> " TinyMCE " is just collecting documents like a jpg /doc/txt .. etc from user and then putting it on to a network resource like a network disk drive. From this network drive other people like support can later retrive this information and provide the required support action.

IF this all what you need , then why do you want text arealike user interface.
Just have HTML page( like jsp) with file upload facility and one text area where user can report the issue.
When user submits the data provide him a request number.

This request is generated from a database and also this database and this database also holds name of all the files uploaded by user.

** Also**
You need to write one file transfer utility in your java servelet code that receives the user-input from HTML/jsp , this servlet then stores the user-uploaded files onto the network drive and also insert a request into data base, then provide the generated request number back to user.

  1. support people will have another userinterface(jsp) which is again a HTML/jsp where they can see the request number and associated file names. When support clicks on any particular request the servlet code the downloads the corresponding files to user and displays on support-user screen.---->this is like a REPORT.

    This is a very simple requirement if and only if you disregard the decorations in page provided in " TinyMCE "

    All you need is a shared network drive , mysql database and tomcat-server.

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