Hi friends.
I am currently developing the website that I do want its contents (pictures & texts) to be prevented from being copied.

I have tried googling but I got no solution on this, some of the people on the internet suggested the way on avoiding copying, they suggested disabling of mouse events.

but I am still a student and I have superficial knowledge on how to do that, is there anyone who can provide me with guidelines on how to perform that?

The assistance is much appreciated.

You are going to have a tough time protecting your text and pictures. Think about it... how are you really going to protect the data when you are allowing remote applications (web browsers) with the ability to download your content.

Even if you implement all of those tips, such as disabling the context menu, mouse, etc.., all someone has to do is use the browser developer tools to figure out where the content is with regard to your web structure.

There are things that can be done to make it harder, but its a lot of work, and you have to consider what it is that you are protecting.

It's impossible my friend. As JormeM said, the content is already on the browser. Most browsers has features that show all the images that were downloaded, and to copy the text the user simple need to view the page source and he can copy all he want.

Implementing "security" of data with JavaScript will only prevent newbies from getting the data, because you can cancel the right button of the mouse and even ctrl+c.

But if anyone really wants to copy your data, they will.

There is no such security in JavaScript. Even if you prevent every single click from mouse or keyboard, one can get your source either via blocking JavaScript or obtaining HTTP raw data (not render on a web browser).

Even though there is no way to prevent copying, you still have copyright on your stuff if you create it by yourself without making delivative work. Still, copyright is not that powerful for individual.

PS: Do you think there is no such plagiarism on the Internet? Don't you see that many web sites have exactly the same lay out, graphic, or design? It is what it is and you must understand that when you go on the Internet. However, make copies of proprietary software on the Internet is different.

Thanks all of you for both of your time and feedbacks.
I do appreciate all suggestions and yet my understanding has been grown wider.

Badoo has a better way of making those images protected, how, they add some text on the images they render.