Can anyone be kind enough to explain the difference between asp &

I am only conversant with PHP, but am very interested in these two.

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It's not easy to explain the difference between ASP and ASP.NET, but the second is object oriented and all the element of the page are object.
In ASP.NET you can use the language you want to use to prodece the page (VB.NET or C#).
All the code is in a particular file that is not including in the web pages and you must recompiling when you make changes, because ASP.NET using compiling language.
The compiling of the page was made at the server the first time and in the next run reuse this compiling result.
This is a simple introduction to the differnce between this two language, but is not sufficient to define the difference of this two languages.

So would you say that i have to learn asp before i move on to

No it is not necessary you can start directly with ASP.NET, but you must chose the language that you want to learn VB.NET or C#.
I prefer C# but for the web application probably it's most used VB.NET, the best is to study both. :cheesy:

Is there anything that either of these can do that PHP cannot, because at this rate, I think i might just stick to PHP!!!

well, it compiles for better speed. It is highly integrated with the server and OS so you can some really cool cacheing things to get speed. Easier to code in because of the .NET framework. Don't have to write every thing out from scratch leaving you time to actually focus on getting a problem done rather then type out code 100 times. (to me) has better support and community than php.

Biggest noticeable difference: ASP (Classic ASP as it is known) is a Script Language (i.e VBScript), where as ASP.NET is a the web formulation of a Compiled Language (i.e. Visual Basic, C#, J#, C++.Net)

Read this article to find out the differences between ASP.NET and ASP.
It clearly explains the differences from programmers stand point.

Differences between ASP and ASP.NET

Hope it helps

another fun thing is that the .net IDE has a WYSIWYG feature so you can build web pages visually, then fill in the parameters. this also "writes" the basic code for your design, and you simply fill in the functions and attributes you need afterwards in the codebehind or the actual page... a very nice feature that can cut down on code time and development time. this WYSIWYG feature is also simple to use with web services also.

Read this article to find out the differences between ASP.NET and ASP.
It clearly explains the differences from programmers stand point.

Differences between ASP and ASP.NET

Hope it helps

thank you for the link this info was very helpfull!!!

I am a Class ASP coder myself, but am learning .NET. In my stand point, asp was easier to get simple tasks done, but the more complicated ones .NET does in a flash. Just like PHP, ASP Classic had to use loops through queries, use if statements, and then display the database information through many, MANY lines of code. I know for a simple three 2-3 column database view through ASP Classic, it would take about 60 lines of code to retreieve information, setup the loops and display the information. In .NET, you can do this in 20, if that. Just grab the info and throw it into a control, like gridview, datalist, etc. It automatically puts it out for you, then you can design it yourself. I am not a PHP programmer, but have developed a few sites with PHP. I must say, this language is easier to learn and easier to compile than PHP.

Anyway, the link will give you better information than I can, but as I am trying to convert over to ASP.NET (as my days of clients requesting ASP sites have just about COMPLETELY ended..) the two languages are almost nothing alike. The only comparable attributes of these languages, are the sub languages that you learn, VBScript and VB.NET. ASPClassic does not require you to know VBScript to get the job done, at all. But ASP.NET requires you to know one of four languages listed earlier (C+, VB or VB.NET, C#, or J#). VB.NET was easier for me to understand as it follows the same rules (mostly) as ASP does.

Comparing the Languages:
PHP follows some basic rules as ASP
ASP.NET follows its own rules
Sub languages are the keys to ASP.NET, without them, you cannot compile a simple page with controls.
ASP.NET is run on the server, not on the clients machine.
ASP.NET uses include files (like .ascx) that doesn't even let a client machine view such a file, let alone trying to hack one.
ASP.NET reforms some html coding, like TextBox, Links, Form Components, etc. They aren't required, but absolutely recommended as they can be compiled onto the server.
ASP.NET lets you keep viewstates without having to write code. It also runs on the server so you can do samepage validation easily.
ASP.NET also has validation controls that can compare ranges, values, etc.

Hopefully I helped a bit... :)

ASP is interpreted, ASP.NET is compiled
ASP stands for Active Server Pages. ASP.NET is the next generation of ASP. After the introduction of ASP.NET, old ASP is called 'Classic ASP'.

Classic ASP uses vb script for server side coding. Vb Script is not supported any more in ASP.NET. Instead, ASP.NET supports more languages including C#, VB.NET, J# etc. VB.NET is very similar to vb script, so it should be easy for old Visual Basic or ASP programmers to switch to VB.NET and ASP.NET

Dear Friend,

first difference is of Entension.
Extension of asp is .asp where is aspx and for coding it creates new file with the same name its called aspx.vb

another difference is of programming style,

in asp we write code in the asp file where in we have 2 part.
in first part, it is aspx file, in which, we just write html(designing level coding), and in aspx.vb file we make programming.

it had many more difference,

Can anyone be kind enough to explain the difference between asp &

I am only conversant with PHP, but am very interested in these two.

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Difference between ASP and ASP.NET


ASP.Net web forms have a code behind file which contains all event handling code.
ASP.Net web forms inherit the class written in code behind.
ASP.Net web forms use full fledged programming language
ASP.Net web applications are configurable (web.config)
ASP.Net webforms can use custom controls through the @ register directive
ASP.Net web forms have ADO.Net which supports XML integration and integration of data from two or more data sources


ASP does not have such facility to separate programming logic from design.
ASP does not have the concept of inheritance.
ASP pages use scripting language.
ASP applications are not.
It is not available with ASP.
while ASP has ADO which is a simple COM object with limited facilities.

Main noticeable difference between ASP & ASP.NET is ASP is a script language (i.e. VBScript), and ASP.NET is a web formulation of a Compiled Language (i.e. VB, C#, J#, C++)

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