<div id="hedar_main">
            <div id="hedar1">
               <?php include('menu.php')?>            
            </div><!--end of header1 -->
        </div><!--end of header-main -->
     </div><!--end of header -->

<div class="rightdiv">
               <?php include('local_auth.php')?> 

               <?php include('news.php')?>

               <div class="midal_right">
                <center><div class="divimg"><img src="images/home_img1.jpg" /></div></center>
                <center><div class="divimg"><img src="images/home_img2.jpg" /></div></center>
               </div><!--end of midal_right -->  
              </div><!--end of rightdiv -->
<div id="futter">
    <div id="futter_main">
        <div id="futter1">
         <?php include('footer.php'); ?>

Here I included 4php file So my question is that is this proper way of coding please guide me ...
Thank you in advance..!

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Yes this is all fine

Yes, you can include multiple files in PHP Code.

Having multiple files is possible :)

yes lol why not

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This is turning into a 'me too' thread. Can we all agree that you can, and wait for the OP to return? Oh darn, I just did it too. :(

commented: Good one :) +5

no problem but best for use




That should be -


:) Oh, almost forgot, me too. ;)

better still require_once()

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the various includes and requires have different uses, so choose the right one for the job. One isn't necessarily better than another in all cases.

you right in some cases

Thank you to all....!!

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OK, are we solved?

You may mark this solved now... hopefully this has answered your question.

@MICHAEL Sorry to say but I don't know how can I marked it solved??
Please help me...
Thank you.

Yes, you can add multiple includes. But, best you can add include_once instead of include.

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@MICHAEL Sorry to say but I don't know how can I marked it solved??

There's a link button at the bottom of the screen to mark the thread solved.

Thank you

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