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<div id="hedar_main">
            <div id="hedar1">
               <?php include('menu.php')?>            
            </div><!--end of header1 -->
        </div><!--end of header-main -->
     </div><!--end of header -->

<div class="rightdiv">
               <?php include('local_auth.php')?> 

               <?php include('news.php')?>

               <div class="midal_right">
                <center><div class="divimg"><img src="images/home_img1.jpg" /></div></center>
                <center><div class="divimg"><img src="images/home_img2.jpg" /></div></center>
               </div><!--end of midal_right -->  
              </div><!--end of rightdiv -->
<div id="futter">
    <div id="futter_main">
        <div id="futter1">
         <?php include('footer.php'); ?>

Here I included 4php file So my question is that is this proper way of coding please guide me ...
Thank you in advance..!

This is turning into a 'me too' thread. Can we all agree that you can, and wait for the OP to return? Oh darn, I just did it too. :(

Good one :)

the various includes and requires have different uses, so choose the right one for the job. One isn't necessarily better than another in all cases.

@MICHAEL Sorry to say but I don't know how can I marked it solved??
Please help me...
Thank you.

Yes, you can add multiple includes. But, best you can add include_once instead of include.

@MICHAEL Sorry to say but I don't know how can I marked it solved??

There's a link button at the bottom of the screen to mark the thread solved.

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