Hi Everyone,

I've been looking for good javascript projects to join. Are there any projects you can advice?
I've researched a lot. (with the help of Google. :D) But would also love to get advices from people who have/had worked at an opensource project here. I would also love to hear your experiences.

Anyone who'd love to share?

I'd say jQuery UI. It's a great project, much used over the web, with lots of functionalities and it's has a great community.

I never joined the group, but I really respect and appreciate the job they're doing.

Thanks AleMonteiro,

jQuery (|UI) & QUnit was on my list, since it's an active project with a lot of quirks. I consider it a learning haven; I'm gonna learn a lot with the community for sure if a join.

Thanks for your advice.

If you've ever done any Node.js, there's an abundance of open-source modules out there that need to be tested, have features added and get bug fixes. Just pull one off GitHub and look through the readme for any noted issues/bugs.

If you haven't got any experience with Node, as AleMonteiro said, jQuery UI is a great project to get involved in.

Another great one is Brackets.io. It's maintained by Adobe but is completely open-source. It is built entirely in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and is always looking for people to provide bug fixes and new features.

How can I find a beginner-sociable mission? What attributes should I be searching for? What are advice signs that a mission might not be the right fit? Are there any tools out there to help session people with open source project?

thanks gavinflud, just checked and forked the code, currently working on it.

hi raihan, your reply's more reflective, thanks for the inputs, I like it.