So.. i want to make and online TV Show website using wordpress but can't fugure how to do it.
The shows will be embeded from various websites (youtube, vimeo).
In general TV Shows have multiple seasons and i want the links to be like friends/season-1/episode-2 is there a plugin for this ?

When you enter on a tv show (/friends/) you need to select the season (/friends/season-2/) and then the episode (/friends/season-2/episode-1)
I know that i have to modify the "category.php" but i have 2 categories, right ?

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The answer to your question can be found in codex..although the tutorial is about integrating wordpress with your site, you can easily create a new page where the tv shows are embedded, and then create a link on wordpress to your tv show page.

I once wrote a tutorial on wordpress integration, but it was 3 years ago. I don't know much of the changes in codex since then.


You can also search the plugins library for something similar to what you are trying achieved.


Please allow me to post another response.. I got bored reading some of the questions, let me evive this thread. Maybe we can learn something from this. Most importantly on how the wordpress plugins work.

Two years ago, I can pretty much write what I like to do with my wordpress. However, that was in the old version. I have a newer version, but I never bother writing plugins for my own use.

Writing a wordpress plugin is not that hard. As long as you follow what the codex instructions.

I will attempt to create a simple shortcode function plugin that will embed a youtube video on your wordpress article.. Yes, right here in and right now :)..

First step: Creating a shortcode function is the easiest one in wordpress. Here we go, our simple youtube embedder shortcode.

save this file as ytembedder.php


       function AddYoutube($params = array()){

             'vid' =>$vid,
             'height'=>$height), $params)

       $youtube = '<iframe width="'.$width." height="'.$height.'" src="'.$vid.'" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>';

        return $youtube;

        add_shortcode('vid', 'AddYoutube');

Save ytembedder.php inside your default theme dirctory.

  1. Open your default theme directory, and then find functions.php. Load this file to your editor. and add this code somewhere in the page,


but I prefer to add it on top section

  1. Save your changes..

  2. To add embedded video your post, just add the short code like this

     [vid vid=Vo_0UXRY_rY  width=580 height=380 vtitle=testing]


    always start with vid followed by vid=YoutubeVideoId , width=PlayerWidth height=PlayerHeight vtitle=VideoTitle.

Tha'ts pretty much it.. thank you for reading.

@veedoo - the shortcode you posted may be useful, but why re-invent the wheel when WordPress already supports shortcodes for embedding video content?

@dalilice - I would be surprised if a plugin which can do as you require already existed.

You could use nested categories, or nested pages to achieve the site structure you've outlined. Alternatively, you could explore the WordPress custom post types, taxonomies and rewrite functionality to devise your own site and URL structure.

@veedeoo greate work and thanks, simple and clean, but as blocblue there are many plugins with that function.

@blocblue i tried taxonomies and kind of works, but i need to configure the template (wich i don't know) i have to modify "categories.php" to achive what i want, on that page i want to be able to select the seasons and on that season page i want the videos to be shown.
How can i do that ?
i think i have to create a page season-$nr.php ($=season number), how can i do that and how can put this in the functions.php ?

Ooops, My apology about that, I just got bored and I thought It would be nice if I show people how to do it. It is not a mandatory type of thing. I always believe, people should explore outside the box to be able to discover their maximum potential. I don't know, it's probably just me who think this way, and the rest fell in love in the cookie cutter type of uniformity. I like multitude of ideas that comes in different types and shapes without bounds.

But then, If you guys noticed the link I have provided on my first response, those are the links of all the plugins for embedding videos.

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