Hi all.

I have 2 pages:

  1. that provides data from mysql in json encoding if a correct "key" is provided, in my case the "key" sent by method post should be "1".
    Link: http://semaffiliate.local/public/api/getemployees
    Code in Zend:

    public function getemployeesAction()
        $key = $this->getRequest()->getPost('key');
        if (isset($key)) {
            if ($key == 1) {
                $employeeModel = new Application_Model_DbTable_Employee();
                $employees = $employeeModel->fetchAll()->toArray();
                $res = array('status' => 'Success', 'settings' => $employees);
            } else {
                $res = array('status' => 'Error', 'message' => 'Access denied, invalid key supplied.');
        } else {
            $res = array('status' => 'Error', 'message' => 'Access denied, you must supply a key.');
            $json = Zend_Json_Encoder::encode($res);
            header('Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8');
            print Zend_Json::prettyPrint($json);
  2. that has a form, a div where the result should come and an ajax request.
    Link: http://soccerstatistics.local/public/api/index2

       <form id="myform" action="#">
        <input id="mytext" type="text" name="key" size="10" placeholder="Type the key here..." />
        <input id="mysubmit" type="submit" value="OK" />
    <div id="mydata"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
            var postData = "key=" + $('#mytext').value();
                type: "POST",
                url: "http://semaffiliate.local/public/api/getemployees",
                data: postData,
                success: function(data) {
                error: function() {

After I submit the form, the link becomes: http://soccerstatistics.local/public/api/index2?key=1# and nothing is returned.

Please advise what can be the problem. Thanks.

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It is working if I replace:

<form id="myform" action="#">


<form id="myform" action="http://semaffiliate.local/public/api/getemployees" method="post">

The problem is that the result I get on the other page, but I need it in the same page as the form.

Likely the action is executed after the submit function ends (because you are using a submit type button). You should be able to prevent it if you use return false; as last statement in the submit function.

The main problem is that it is not possible to send values by POST method directly to another domain (it would be possible through a php file).

In case the domain would be the same, it would be necessary to add "return false;" as last statement in the submit function - as stated by pritaeas in the post above, and also ".value();" from line 13 need to change to ".val();".

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