hi i have a table in which m storing some data like in the following:

table => uploads
string_file and file_name

and m trying to select the string_file. the data for this column is like in the following;
ab323892,416a75f4, e732ced3 and blah blah.
and following is the query that m trying to access the data
but i got the following error:
#1054 - Unknown column '%ab383292%' in 'where clause'

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Post your table name and fieldnames

Why does your query not have any spaces between words? Also, values should be quoted to stop MySQL treating them as table fields.

SELECT `file_title` FROM `uploads` WHERE `string_file` LIKE '%ab383292%'

here i have the following iformation for table
name => uploads
fields are in the following:
id -> primary key
uploaded_by -> varchar
string -> varchar
file_title -> varchar
file_size -> varchar
file_path -> varchar

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Lik bb says, e.g.:

SELECT `file_title` FROM `uploads` WHERE `string` LIKE '%ab383292%'
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