Hi, I have a site under construction.It is not on line yet and I don't have a domain name yet.
I test it with IIS 7 and works fine.Now I need a form to collect inmformation from visitors.The
information should be sent to me by email. I looked at various solutions on line.Usually searching
various sites I've seen that you have 3 files, one is the actual form,one is a php script and finally an html thanks page.I did all that and put the folder(named Test)containing the 3 files in the inetpub/wwwroot folder.
I launch my browser IE9,fill the form with data and nothing.It does not work.I have changed the address
on the php file with my own email address:leoninicarlo@yahoo.com.I read somewhere that this does not work with yahoo.mail or hotmail, so I tried with my ISP mail:carloleonini@alice.it.Nothing to do.Can anyone help me
before I go nuts?Thank you very much, I will appreciate your help.

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You won't be able to send email on your localhost unless you have a mail server set up. XAMPP comes with Mercury Mail. I don't know about others.

yes, you cant send without internet connection, here is an example of my site:


what diafol was saying is that you can't send mail from a local machine without the proper software installed. anyway there is little help to offer without seeing the code you have. are you testing your form from this site you linked?

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