Somenone that know osclass script, can hel me to customization search bar.
I try to edit inc.search.php but I don't know how can I obtain this result:
Click Here
In this search bar tou can see 3 menus: What, Where (with city) and Category.
Thanks to all

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Ok, then you'll need to explain a little more about what OsClass is and what you want to happen. If you mean the ad management thing, did you check their website/documentation/forums? You're more likely to get help there.


I believe pritaes was right, you have to check the CSS if you wan't to change the style but if it involves the html structure of the search block, then you have to work with the template; and if it involves data that you intend to display in the browser (not particularly the HTML or CSS) then it involves php... codewise though, like getting a data form the DB or any storage.

Anyway, just for the benefit of the doubt, can you post the template here, and let us see if it needs some tweaking in PHP.

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