I am trying to use custom tags in ruby..i am a newbie to ruby.I hav developed in java before and i am myself a web developer.I have made custom tags for JSP pages but i m not sure wether we can form custom tags in .erb files also..???

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There is no custom tags in Ruby if you are talking about arbitrary tag name as in JSP. What are you trying to do by the way? Maybe partial in Ruby would be what you need?

As there are custom tags in JSPs..so can we create custom tags in ERBs and their corresponding tag handlers in ruby language ??? i m absically developing android app in ruby as it serves on cross platform.

Still not sure... Could you give a snippet in JSP to clarify what you want to do? Because you cannot have a custom tag in Ruby unless you are talking about something similar to partial (where you plug in different contents regarding different parameters).

Can you give an example where ERB fails and you need something more flexible?

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